BlueChew Free Sample

BlueChew Free Trial And Coupon Code For Sample

With the growth of online pharmacies, getting erectile dysfunction (ED) medication is now very easy. It’s hassle-free, discreet, and you will directly receive the treatment. 

ED is prevalent; we are afraid to talk about it. Would you want people to know you as a sexually non-performing individual? Probably not.

I have good news for you – thanks to effective telemedicine companies like BlueChew, you can find quick & effective solution to your ED problem and no one needs to know. 

BlueChew offers massive discounts on their ED treatment. This comes in the form of a BlueChew free trial aka discount. 

In my view,  this is super positive for 3 reasons:

  1. BlueChew can promote the drug – more people can experience its positive effects (also their wives). 
  2. BlueChew allows its potential customers to test the efficacy of the treatment before deciding to stick with it. Companies who don’t believe in their product wouldn’t do this.
  3. BlueChew wants to ensure that the patients get affordable ED treatment online. 

Quick Recap: What BlueChew Is?  

BlueChew is a telemedicine company that offers chewable ED treatment pills without you needing to visit a doctor in-person. These chewable tablets are far more effective than those pills that require a glass of water to swallow. And you can test it out by trying the BlueChew free sample for an entire month for FREE.

BlueChew Promo Code – What It Means?

BlueChew coupon code gives you a free ED pills trial for a month or a discount of $20 for the first month as a member. That equals to six free sildenafil tablets or four Tadalafil tablets.

In my opinion, such a deal is simply breathtaking. Getting high-quality ED meds for free is out of the ordinary for sure. Just take advantage of the promo code and begin having amazing sez again with your partner.


After the first month, BlueChew will begin charging you based on your chosen plan. However, if you don’t want that just cancel the subscription before the month ends. In my opinion, you won’t be doing that as you’ll get first-hand experience with these chewable pills and it will change your sexlife 180 degrees better.

BlueChew Plans

BlueChew has four plans available – Active, Busy, Popular, and PRO. The chewable pills come in two different formats – Tadalafil and Sildenafil.

What’s the difference between the two?

Sildenafil is a generic Viagra, also known as an active ingredient in Viagra, while Tadalafil is generic Cialis or an active ingredient in Cialis. In the case of Tadalafil, you can take it as a daily prescription drug. But for Sildenafil, you should take it strictly as per the prescription.

Chewable sildenafil pills may suit the young and sexually active individuals. This pill is a go to tablet if you are thinking that a hot sex could be on the cards in 30 minuts. 

On the other hand, Tadalafil might be the right option for more experienced men who are not sure of when they’ll have sex.


These plans cover the two meds. Here are some further details for you:

BlueChew Active Plan

  • Sildenafil: 30 mg ($20) and 45 mg ($30) for six tablets.
  • Tadalafil: 6 mg ($20) and 9 mg ($30) for four tablets.

Blue Chew Busy Plan

  • Sildenafil: 30 mg ($30) and 45 mg ($40) for 10 tablets.
  • Tadalafil: 6 mg ($30) and 9mg ($40) for seven tablets.

Chewable Tablets Popular Plan

  • Sildenafil: 30 mg ($50) and 45 mg ($65) for 17 pills.
  • Tadalafil: 6mg ($50) and 9 mg ($65) for 14 pills.

Chewable Pills PRO Plan

  • Sildenafil: 30 mg ($90) and 45 mg ($120) for 34 pills.
  • Tadalafil: 6 mg ($90) and 9 mg ($120) for 28 pills.

Applying BlueChew Promo Code To Get a Free Sample

Before applying the promo code, you need an approval from a doctor to use these drugs. This is to ensure that you get the right medication.

Consult the doctor on the BlueChew website – it’s free, fast, and easy. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive your approval/prescription. Once you are approved, you’ll receive an email saying “try out our free BlueChew sample”.

How do you get a free trial?

Good question.

When on this page, click the “Use My Promo Code”, which saves the promo code automatically on the clipboard. Meanwhile, the page redirects you to the BlueChew website.

First, check the exact promo code because that is what you need to use. Now, click on the provided link. This lands you to a page with the promo code included.

If that doesn’t work, you write down the promo code and then enter it where it says “Apply the Code” – usually at the final page when submitting your order with BlueChew.

Does the BlueChew Promo Code work for All Plans?

Unfortunately, promo codes come with specific limitations.

I’d suggest you go through the BlueChew plans before applying the promo code.

Whether the promo code is BLUECHEW or FREEBLUECHEW, it doesn’t fully apply to all BlueChew plans.

The BlueChew free trial is only for the Active Plan. That means if you settle on this plan, you won’t pay a dime for the first month.

BlueChew charges you $20 a month for this plan. In return, you get six sildenafil tables or four Tadalafil tablets. If you are just trying out BlueChew chewables for your ED, this might be the right plan for you.

And the other BlueChew plans?

Here comes the second option of the offer – Discount! Whether you select – Busy, Popular, and PRO plan, you get $20 off.

In essence, you can choose between two sides of the promotion – a free trial or a discounted price. Admittedly, I find the first doesn’t have an advantage over the other because in both cases, you save $20.

My advice:

If you are unsure about BlueChew chewable pills or you are just a frugal beginner, I’d recommend you begin with the Active plan. Later, you can change to another plan according to your sexual needs.

That’s how flexible BlueChew is.

Place your order, and the manufacturer will send a discreet package to your door. The package also contains safety information and a thank you card.

By now, you know that the offer expires after a month. If you need a refill – just reorder!

Can You Cancel BlueChew Free Sample Trial?

The BlueChew platform allows you to cancel your free sample any time. And the process is unbelievably easy.

Here’s how:

Five days before the end of your subscription, BlueChew will send you a cancellation email. The email comes with a link. Follow the link to either cancel the free trial or renew your subscription.

But also, you can click the ‘Put On Hold’ button in your account, call the customer service centre, or email at for cancellation.

The good news?

You can select another appropriate plan once the BlueChew trial expires. And if you cancel the free plan, BlueChew will refund you the deducted $$ from your credit card, if you raise a claim.

In my view, this process is fair and straightforward, and I believe it is for the customer’s own good. The customer gets utmost satisfaction whether or not they want to continue with the ED treatment aka chewable pills.

Why Should I Use BlueChew Promo Code?

The BlueChew Promo Code saves you $20 while treating your humiliating condition – erectile dysfunction. That’s not all:

BlueChew coupon code comes with the much-needed flexibility. The code applies to all BlueChew plans. You can settle for a free trial on the Active plan or get the $20 discount on all the other plans. Besides, you cancel any time.

The discount is a better deal: getting a $20 deal off the plans is decent. You want to upgrade your dosage; this might be the right way to get it at a better price.

What makes BlueChew Different From Other ED Treatment Options?

BlueChew is not a pill. You do not need a glass of water to push tablets down your throat. Whether it is Sildenafil or Tadalafil, just chew the tablet. I find this phenomenal, what about you? 

Confessedly, this tablet is not only unique, but also powerful. Studies show that chewable pills work faster because absorption begins in the mouth. Also, it tastes pleasant. 

Quick note:

The shipping cost is upon you. You’ll pay that during the ordering process. This will keep your information in the BlueChew system for smooth future transactions.

Now, if a BlueChew doctor doesn’t approve your prescription, you get a refund immediately.

Final Thoughts On BlueChew Free Trial

Do not let erectile dysfunction put you down. It feels so pleasurable to have sex and you know that, right?. While the medication is inherently cheap, this free trial from BlueChew is just an icing on the cake. 

Best of all, BlueChew makes the process remarkably easy.

I definitely recommend you try BlueChew free trial. It might be the quantum leap in your selx life. Your wife is waiting for it, believe me!