provides offline version of popular introduction to programming

viNGN will host its 5th annual “Hour of Code” as part of Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 4-10, 2017) at the Charles Turnbull Library PCC on Friday, December 8, 2017 from 10am-3pm. Hour of Code is an international event held each year in honor of the life and work of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (1906-1992).

This year’s Hour of Code, entitled “Minecraft: Hero’s Journey” will introduce concepts that power the intelligence behind interactive websites, games, and apps. You’ll learn to use JavaScript Instructions, Repeat Loops and Functions. Choose your avatar (Alex or Steve), and put your Software Agent to work for you!

Since its 2013 inception, the Hour of Code has attracted tens of millions of children and adults in over 180 countries. Parents, educators and community leaders are invited to obtain the lesson at any time by visiting

As an optional bonus, attendees may take home dozens of additional free lessons in a variety of topics including Microsoft Office, Computers & Devices, Internet Security, Mathematics, Grammar (courtesy of, and Mouse & Keyboard (courtesy of The Library Network). Learn to create documents, manage files, stay safe online, and much more… all for free, to be used offline, with no Internet. All that’s needed is a clean, 16 GB USB flash drive.

For more information on Hour of Code and other free digital learning opportunities, contact Anita Davis at viNGN via email,