The Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA) is encouraging the community to learn more about tsunamis during Tsunami Preparedness Week, March 11 -17.

VITEMA is also urging the community to practice walking the evacuation route if they reside, work or often play in the tsunami inundation zone.  VITEMA’s USVI Tsunami Evacuation Maps can be found at this link:  The Tsunami Evacuation Maps outlines the tsunami inundation areas and delineates coastline inundation in addition to safe areas, evacuation route, and assembly points.

VITEMA is also asking the community to register their Tsunami Preparedness Week activities and participation at

Listed below are possible tsunami preparedness activities that you can plan:

  1. Attend a publicly organized tsunami walk drill
  2. Organize your own tsunami walk drill
  3. Put together a preparedness kit
  4. Make a family plan
  5. Establish an out of town contact
  6. Participate in a work-related tsunami exercise
  7. Re-tweet Tsunami Preparedness Info
  8. Participate in a school evacuation drill
  9. Watch a tsunami preparedness video
  10. Print out a map of your evacuation zone

For more information on the U.S. tsunami warning system, see