· FEMA reports 582,000 meals; 13,000 protective sheets; and 30 generators have been distributed, which is evidence of relief on scale. Nine hundred three thousand meals being offloaded. Many more supplies in transit.

· VITEMA Director Mona Barnes announces the opening of two additional Points of Distribution (PODs). Allotments increased to 1 case of meals ready to eat and 1 case of water. Shipments of roof tarps arriving with regularity.

· Food Stamp allotment will be replenished automatically for recipients who lost power for four hours or more. WAPA has certified outage duration, so no application necessary.

· Lt. Governor Osbert Potter, as Commissioner of Banking and Insurance, will help expedite the settlement of insurance claims by certifying the many adjusters converging on the territory.

· Government website will list all programs providing support to effective individuals and businesses, providing telephone numbers and websites.

· FEMA Region II Coordinator William Vogel states that 1,872 people have registered for Individual Assistance using the website www.disasterassistance.gov and telephone number 1-800-621-6322.

· Police Commissioner Delroy Richards reports increased police and National Guard numbers on St. John, and anticipates additional law enforcement resources from the mainland. He emphasizes no unusual level of criminal activity of St. John during the last 24 hours.

Virgin Islands Government Finances
· Governor describes as ‘unfair’ financial market reports that the Government of the Virgin Islands is redirecting debt service payments to the recovery effort. In refuting such reports, Governor Mapp notes that debt service obligations for FY 2018 already has been met and those due for 2019 already being payed. Additionally, a full year of debt service is held in reserve.

· Governor denies also any ‘rating’ of the Insurance Guarantee Fund; reserve required has been lowered by law over the years. Fund is necessary only when insurance carrier fails to meet obligations through policy holders. Enforcement of regulations has prevented that occurrence from happening since 1989.

· Governor expresses regret over having to repeatedly respond to unsubstantiated reports of fiscal irregularities.