This report is a compilation of social media content pertinent to the Hurricanes Irma and Maria recovery efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Compiled by Gina K. Callaghan


Summary: Conversation, as it relates to the Virgin Islands continues to be low. Local conversation has covered various recovery topics/repair work and connectivity issues.

Report Sections

  • FEMA Conversation
  • Operation
  • Public Sentiment
  • Rumors/Misinformation

FEMA Conversation

The conversation as it relates to FEMA is low.



  • A member of St. John Photos Hurricane Irma/Maria shared video and photos of debris/damaged parts demolition at Woody’s Seafood Saloon. The work was reportedly made possible through the Love for Love City Foundation.




  • A member of What’s Going on St. Thomas is frustrated about poor internet service on the north side. The resulting comments noted issues with Broadband VI and AT&T. Also under discussion: the virtues of Dish TV versus similar services. (privacy settings do not allow grabbing thespecific links.)
  • Another WGOST member stated Broadband VI had been out since Friday and wanted to know if anyone in the immediate area had similar issues. (privacy settings do not allow grabbing the specific links.)


  • Discussion about The Virgin Islands Consortium’s post about flu prevention ranged from alleging the linemen are bringing in the virus to taking basic preventative measures.

Public Sentiment



  • ShadeScapes announced that its donation of 50 shade umbrellas to schools and restaurants in St. John are packed and expected to arrive on the island February 5. The effort is part of the St. John Shade Project.



  • Someone posted in What’s Going on St. Thomas? about having issues with their insurance company and wanted to know whether he should hire a private adjustor. Multiple replies offers several options, including hiring a public adjuster or a structural engineer. (privacy settings do not allow grabbing specific links.)