Administered by the Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority (VIHFA), funded by FEMA Public Assistance Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power (STEP) program


This program is intended to protect public health and safety, to protect property and to enable hurricane-displaced residents to shelter at home.

STEP is for disaster-damaged single-family, owner-occupied residential properties. Duplexes and townhomes are considered single-family residential property.

Emergency work performed through the program is capped at $25,000.


  • Your home must be your primary residence.
  • You need to be registered with FEMA and have a FEMA registration number.
  • Your home must have damage resulting from hurricanes Irma or Maria.

The program provides these kinds of repairs:

  • Work to provide essential power supply
  • Work necessary to restore natural gas or propane supply
  • Work to provide potable waterline supply (damaged plumbing)
  • Repairs to cistern (including cleaning of cistern for contamination)
  • Work necessary to repair and replace damaged windows or wall-mounted air-conditioning units, ceiling fans or doors
  • Weatherproofing to include roof, walls, and windows
  • Securing or replacing broken windows and the repairing and replacement of non-functioning exterior and interior doors
  • Removal of disaster-related debris to safely enter, inspect and perform eligible emergency work, and safely shelter in place
  • Minor interior or exterior work to provide safe access and living environment (stairs, ramps)
  • Repair or replacement of damaged drywall to remove a threat to health and safety, to safely cover exposed electrical work or to ensure the home is properly insulated
  • Removal and replacement of damaged floor substructure and floor covering
  • Ensuring one useable bathroom vanity, sink, shower or tub, toilet and tank
  • Ensuring functional kitchen facilities to include minimal cooking and refrigeration appliances
  • Ensuring safe sleeping accommodations
  • Cleaning and sanitizing to a reasonable level mold and dirt in interior of residence
  • Items and work necessary to ensure safe shelter for individuals with disabilities or access and functional needs

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