In accordance with Title 12 § 315 of the Virgin Islands Code, the Extended Benefits (EB) program was established to pay benefits during periods of high unemployment to workers, (including benefits payable to Federal civilian employees and to ex-servicemen pursuant to 5 U.S.C. Chapter 85), who exhausted their basic entitlement to regular state and federal unemployment benefits and begins with the third week after a week for which there is a Virgin Islands “trigger on” indicator. Hence, ib /decenber 2m 2017m VIDOL officially triggered on the EB program.

The EB program only “triggers on” when the rate of insured unemployment equals or exceeds 120 percent of the average of such rates for the corresponding 13-week periods ending in each of the preceding two calendar years, and the rate equals or exceeded 5.0 percent. As a result, claimants may be entitled to up to 13 weeks of additional compensation.

Claimants MAYBE entitled to EB if they:

  • Are unemployed.
  • Able, available and actively seeking work.
  • Have established eligibility for state or federal unemployment compensation and have exhausted those benefits.
  • Do not have available regular benefits under the unemployment compensation laws of any state, the Virgin Islands, Canada or the United States.
  • Have met the eligibility requirements of the law and are not disqualified.
  • Have a benefit year that ends within an Extended Benefit period. ▪

    When will Extended Benefits start?

  • The first compensable week payable in the Virgin Islands became effective with the week beginning 12/17/2017. ▪ Payments may be made only during an EB period.
  • How do claimants apply for Extended Benefits?
  • Eligible claimants will be notified by mail.
    Additional press releases on Extended Benefits and the roll-out of the EB program will be forthcoming.
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